Medicaid Adoption Services

Centauri has specialized in Medicaid eligibility and enrollment for more than 30 years with expertise working with Medicaid agencies and rules in all 50 states. We partner with hospitals, health plans, adoption agencies, and adoption law firms across the nation to help improve the quality of life for the individuals they serve.

Our compassionate, knowledgeable Medicaid for Adoption Services (MAS) team assists adoption agencies and adoption law firms in securing medical benefits to cover birth mothers’ prenatal, labor and delivery expenses, as well as the birth of their babies.

We have a proven success rate of 98% on adoption cases for which we were able to submit a Medicaid application, as well as very reasonable fees applied only to successful cases.


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Key Differentiators

  • We can navigate through common obstacles (non-cooperative or non-citizen birth mothers, billing and insurance issues, Medicaid backlog, etc.) to obtain prenatal and labor & delivery coverage for your clients
  • Once we receive the referral with applicable paperwork, we handle the entire process—we secure the application, submit to the county office in which the client resides, obtain the verifications needed for the application process, and follow up with the state or county office until the case is approved.
  • Our average cycle time from application to approval is typically 17 business days to obtain full Medicaid* for both babies and moms
  • Bilingual staff & and/or translation services to assist birth mothers whose first language is not English
  • We handle billing and insurance issues including working with self-pay birth mothers to request available discounts and work to negotiate bills down



*These are our average results, but many factors can impact the cycle times and cause delays.