HEDIS Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Centauri had a certified HEDIS® engine?
Centauri has been certified since 2006. We were one of the first vendors to have a certified HEDIS engine.

What types of quality related services does Centauri offer?
Centauri offers an end-to-end HEDIS solution known as “Centauri Ascent,” that includes data management, HEDIS and gaps in care reporting as well as a medical record project management tool which supports the end to end MRR project.

Do you have prospective care gap reporting?
Yes, Centauri offers a quality improvement management solution called “Care Gap Finder” that proactively reports gaps in care throughout the year and tracks and trends data over time.

Do you have experience with calculating HEDIS rates for all lines of business?
Yes, Centauri’s certified engine can calculate HEDIS rates for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Marketplace plans.

What type of reporting do you provide?
Our reporting platform offers HEDIS, Gaps in Care, and reports to support the HEDIS MRR project.

What type of reports are available to support the annual HEDIS MRR project?
Our reporting platform offers measure rate and analysis reports, abstraction management and inter-rater reliability reports.

Can you describe your training program for HEDIS retrieval and abstraction?
Our retrieval and abstraction team receive comprehensive training on our medical record project management tool as well as annual training on the HEDIS measure specification updates.

Can you provide custom reporting?
Yes, we offer customized reporting.

What is the minimum performance level for abstractors?
Abstractors must maintain 90% accuracy in order to abstract a measure.

Can you upload medical records into your chart management solution?
Yes, medical records can be bulk uploaded or individually uploaded into our solution.

What is your average retrieval rate for a HEDIS MRR project?
85% is our minimum retrieval rate. We’ve had retrieval rates greater than 90%.

Do you provide onsite retrieval services?
Yes, we can provide onsite retrieval.

Do you have experience with abstracting data from EMR’s?
Yes, we have worked with several EMRs to retrieve and abstract data for the HEDIS MRR project.

What is your experience with Value Based Care reporting?
We have extensive experience with developing Value Based Care reports.