Centauri was founded to constantly create extremely unique tools within the marketplace. Tools that allow our clients to improve lives.

The core of Centauri Health Solutions’® product suite is a comprehensive technology platform, consisting of data integration, data analytics, workflow software and reporting / business intelligence software. From this core technology platform, we offer medical record retrieval, medical record coding, health risk assessments and quality measure gap closure.

With a focus on execution of technology-enabled and data-driven services, Centauri features innovative tools, which provide exceptional value for clients.

At Centauri, we understand that improving lives within our health system requires drill-down visibility and measurement into interactions at the member and provider levels. We provide our clients with better visibility into the key interaction driving the healthcare cycle - a member’s encounter with his or her provider of care. We work to deliver unique tools to maximize the transparency of that interaction, along with the impact of the encounter on the overall healthcare cycle.

Our technology platform is built according to the following philosophies:

  • Data is inherently valuable and data loss reduces value
  • Data is intended to be used not just by us, but by our clients
  • Data should be presented in a manner that is appropriate to the type of user
  • Health care is an industry built on people, and personal interactions; technology should facilitate and not replace those interactions
  • Health care data is best understood at the member or provider level, in the full context of that member and provider