Best Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get members to participate? 
Centauri identifies and outreaches to members to educate them about the benefits of participating in the program.  We clearly convey the opportunity they have to receive a monthly household cash benefit from Social Security if certain medical and non-medical requirements are met.

What is your conversion rate?
Our conversion rate is dependent on the acuity of your membership population, but our approval rate is 30-50% higher than national SSA approval rates for unassisted applications.

How successful is your program?
Ultimately, our success is contingent on creating value for our health plan clients by aligning the needs of a member with the reimbursement they receive for that member.

How long have you been providing this service?
Centauri has been providing this service to health plan members and direct consumers since 2006.  In addition, we have been providing analytics, educational and representation support to health plan members for over three (3) decades.

How do you identify potential eligible members?
We utilize a proprietary analytics program to predict disability in our health plan client’s membership to narrow the potentially eligible pool, and then conduct individual member assessments to determine additional eligibility factors.

What differentiates you in the marketplace?
Our analytics and expertise are unparalleled, which allows us to be the disability enrollment leader with health plans throughout the country. Since 2006, we have been providing disability application and support services and over the years have contracted with all national Medicaid managed care organizations.

  • Analytics and expertise - Analytics drive our superior performance.  We developed a unique SSA rules-based engine that has grown more and more accurate over the years.
  • Compassionate and skilled representatives – Once we have identified the right prospects, the next critical step is engagement with the member to evaluate the case further.

What is your success rate?
Our staff is well-trained on SSA’s rules and regulations for disability benefits, which results in more effective screenings.  We typically achieve a 6% higher success rate than The Social Security Administration’s national average. It’s important to note that results vary per DDS Region, so we track each state based on state based benchmarks.