Pricing Analytics

Hospitals face incredible pressure to develop and implement defensible pricing strategies while keeping an eye on the bottom line. With Centauri's Pricing Analytics solution, they can develop and understand the impact of their pricing strategy, as well as adjust the strategy by checking projections against actual data. These strategies can include considerations and goals related to market, payor, net revenue, departmental, and service lines.

Centauri experts first design custom business rules then translate them into mathematical algorithms to accurately describe a hospital's marketing, financial and internal pricing strategies and priorities. Our system allows tremendous flexibility for providers to maximize price-sensitive net revenue, both with the help of our revenue consultants, or by running their own iterations of the pricing model.

Key Differentiators

  • Addresses Net Revenue, Market Position, and Relational Pricing considerations
  • Incorporates all customer contract rules and customer-selected peer benchmarks
  • Offers quick implementation—no software to install
  • Equips users with a simple, powerful user environment
  • Projects accurate impact of any changes to model, allowing for nearly endless ability to model any pricing strategy
  • Provides support of expert consultants to help you understand and act on our analysis and pricing recommendations
  • Ongoing monitoring of pricing strategy results
  • Supports clients Partnership approach – anytime support included