Revenue Cycle Analytics Solutions

Centauri's revenue cycle analytics solutions (AppRev) enable hospitals and providers to optimize revenue cycle performance. Using cloud-based software supported by our in-house experts, providers are able to identify, quantify, resolve and measure key revenue cycle issues. Our solutions include Charge Accuracy, Price Analytics, Price Transparency, Denials Intelligence and more.

Charge Accuracy

Predictive analytics allow hospitals to measure the accuracy of provider charges so they can identify and correct errors to ensure compliance and optimize net revenue. Learn More

Pricing Analytics

Our pricing experts design custom business rules and translate them into mathematical algorithms to help providers develop and understand the impact of their pricing strategy. Learn More

Price Transparency

Centauri's cloud-based solution enables hospitals to comply with new pricing transparency rules recently disclosed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS). Learn More

Lesser Of Analytics

Our Lesser Of Analytics solution helps providers understand the scope and detail of their lesser of position and mitigate losses by developing key pricing strategies. Using the client-provided managed care contracts, we create an analysis to identify outpatient and inpatient claims or services that have been paid based on a lesser of provision, along with the calculated net revenue impact of each quantity of service at the plan code and patient type level.

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Additional Services

Other revenue cycle analytics services include: Denials Intelligence and  Charge Description Master Transformation projects. Learn More