Additional Revenue Cycle Analytics Services

In addition to our cornerstone Revenue Cycle Analytics solutions (Charge Accuracy, Pricing Analytics, Pricing Transparency and Denials Intelligence), Centauri offers customized services for Lesser Of Analytics, Charge Description Master Transformation projects and Disproportionate Share Hospital Recovery reviews. These enable hospitals and providers to leverage our in-house experts to help optimize their revenue cycle performance in key areas.

Lesser of Analytics

Our Lesser Of Analytics solution helps providers understand the scope and detail of their lesser of position and mitigate losses by developing key pricing strategies. Using the client-provided managed care contracts, we create an analysis to identify outpatient and inpatient claims or services that have been paid based on a lesser of provision, along with the calculated net revenue impact of each quantity of service at the plan code and patient type level.

Charge Description Master Transformation

Centauri's experienced staff uses analytical processes to assist hospitals with transformative CDM projects through:

  • Corporate Standardization
  • Hospital acquisition/development
  • Hospital Information System install/change

Utilizing our Pricing Analytics tools in conjunction with our CDM expertise, we are able to model all hospital objectives in these CDM changes. We deliver solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, allowing hospital staff to focus on other critical aspects of the project.

Disproportionate Share Hospital Recovery

Disproportionate Share Hospital Recovery (DSH) Services increase revenue reimbursement by increasing the accuracy of the client's Medicare Disproportionate Share payments due for a hospital's current or past fiscal years. By performing a comprehensive review of the inpatient stays, Centauri can determine the Medicaid eligibility status for each patient during their stay. This service provides complete documentation and support for all patient days eligible for reimbursement by the federal Medicare DSH program, furnished in an audit-ready package.

We perform this work on both current and prior years' Cost Reports that are available for reopening or appeal. During an audit we also work with the hospital's Medicare intermediary to ensure that all relative questions are answered.