Centauri Health Solutions Launches Innovative Virtual Eligibility and Enrollment Solution to Assist Hospitals with Self-Pay Population

SCOTTSDALE (July 28, 2020) – Centauri Health Solutions, Inc. (“Centauri”), an innovative provider of healthcare technology and services, has developed and launched a digital solution, Virtual Eligibility and Enrollment. This new technology will enhance hospitals’ ability to help uninsured patients secure healthcare coverage more efficiently, while improving revenue outcomes.

The Virtual Eligibility and Enrollment solution (EES) utilizes advanced AI-enabled technology to enable faster, more efficient communications and follow-ups. It also helps to minimize physical contact with others during the COVID-19 pandemic, while still maintaining real-time communication with the Centauri team. Additionally, Virtual EES provides a more cost-effective option for healthcare facilities to assist their self-pay population by eliminating the need for additional on-site personnel.

“Leveraging digital technologies to reach patients in an effort to assist them in applying for healthcare coverage is just part of Centauri’s ‘passion to serve,’” said Larry Roberts, Centauri’s VP of Technology Solutions. “We continue our efforts to serve our clients, our patients, and their families by utilizing new technologies. The more patients we reach, the more people ultimately gain access to quality healthcare.”

To learn more about Virtual Eligibility and Enrollment, contact Centauri at info@centaurihs.com.