Centauri’s Medicaid Redetermination Solution Supports Millions of Americans at Risk of Losing Medicaid Coverage

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Mar. 16, 2023) – Centauri Health Solutions (“Centauri”), a Phoenix, Arizona-based innovative provider of healthcare analytics and technology-enabled solutions, announced today that they have introduced a new solution focused on Medicaid Redeterminations.

In early 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Congress passed the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement that states were required to keep Medicaid enrollees in the program until the end of the public health emergency (PHE).  In December last year, Congress “unlinked” the continuous coverage requirement from the PHE and set April 1st as the date when states can once again start reviewing Medicaid enrollees for eligibility for benefits. The end of continuous enrollment puts the coverage of millions of Medicaid beneficiaries at risk and billions of dollars of health plan revenue in danger. As an industry leader with over 35 years working with Medicaid members and plans to assess eligibility and benefits, Centauri is uniquely positioned to deliver a solution to this critical problem.

Sources estimate that 18+ million people could lose their Medicaid coverage during the 12-month unwinding period. Such a loss of coverage will pose a risk to the well-being of members who qualify for Medicaid. These members may lose access to essential benefits, coverage, and financial assistance. Moreover, those eligible for Medicaid that fail to take necessary steps may also face similar risks. To address these concerns, Centauri has developed a solution to help health plans redetermine their Medicaid members through compassionate outreach, a live eligibility assessment based on state-specific income and asset criteria, and application submission assistance. Through this service, Centauri educates members about follow-up tasks to achieve the best possible outcome for their healthcare needs.

“I am proud of our Medicaid Solutions team for their foresight and determination to bring this important concept to market as a vital solution at a critical time for our Medicaid clients and their members,” said Adam Miller, a co-founder of Centauri and 30-year healthcare industry veteran. “With our extensive experience in Eligibility and Enrollment, Centauri is uniquely positioned to support the industry through the unprecedented process of redetermining millions of individuals and ensuring eligible individuals do not lose lifesaving health coverage.”