Charge Accuracy Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do hospitals get from Charge Accuracy?
Charge Accuracy uses state-of-the art AI to identify errors that hospitals are making in their claims. These errors can be charging or coding, or billing.  Charge Accuracy goes well beyond identifying missing charges.

How is Charge Accuracy different from the edits that hospitals already have in place?
To avoid redundancy in process, Charge Accuracy uses the post edit ANSI 837 claims. These are the claims for which the hospital has already completed its edit processes.

Does Charge Accuracy have a solid ROI?
Charge Accuracy has a great record of ROI for customers.  Charge Accuracy tracks the financial impact of any re-billed claims or implemented corrective action. Charge Accuracy reports are available on the customer portal, and present a detailed analysis of the true ROI.

How are Findings presented to be worked?
Our analysts will review customer Findings and compile “Focused Findings” to help customers see where the biggest issues and opportunities are. Customers can also utilize the Charge Accuracy portal to view all Findings, and work queue functionality to organize and push Findings to the appropriate user to be worked.