COVID-19 – Centauri’s commitment to our customers

To Our Valued Customers and Partners –


The events of the last two weeks have been extraordinary and unprecedented. We have all been challenged in our professional and personal lives and flooded with information, and sometimes misinformation, about Coronavirus (COVID-19).


We at Centauri have been dealing with new stresses and challenges, as I am sure every one of you has as well – not just professionally, but also at home.


We’d like to offer our assurance to you as a customer and partner of Centauri:


  • Our business will continue forward. We help people every day and now, more than ever, that help will be needed by more and more people in the communities we serve. We remain steadfast in our purpose and we commit to working each day with “power to solve and passion to serve.”
  • We are prioritizing the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff. As such, we are moving to a work from home (WFH) strategy for employees everywhere, as quickly as we can so that we may comply with local/state/federal guidance for preventative measures.
  • The Centauri Executive Leadership team remains committed. As a leadership team, we are making ourselves available for rapid response to this ever-changing, fluid situation and offer our staff information, resources and guidance daily via multiple communication channels.
  • Our services can function remotely. Fortunately, many of the services that we offer to our clients can be performed remotely within our information security protocols. For those services where onsite assistance is required, we will only proceed when and if allowed and with full compliance with any local, state and federal guidance. Those decisions will be made in full collaboration with you, our trusted partners and clients.


During these trying times, we ask that you open the lines of communication and let us know if there is anything you need from us. Our teams are willing and able to support as best as we can. While we all adapt to the many changes brought on by COVID-19, communication and transparency will remain key to our partnership. As your business needs change, potentially in ways we can’t fully anticipate, please know that we intend to be flexible and supportive. As we are all in a dynamic situation, we will remain true to our values to be transparent and collaborative through this unique situation and beyond.


I know we are all facing new challenges, so do not hesitate to ask any of our team members for help and support. We promise to do our best to respond in any way we can. We are all in this together.


With resolve and commitment, we value your partnership and wish you and your teams ongoing health and perseverance in these challenging and dynamic times.



Adam Miller

CEO, Centauri Health Solutions