Hospital Eligibility & Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience working in all 50 states?
Yes, we have experience with filing Medicaid applications in all 50 states.

Do you have a local presence?
Centauri has personnel throughout the U.S. If you require additional local resources, we will hire talent from the community.  We supplement those local resources with an experienced team as part of our commitment to the proper training and education of new personnel.

Describe your training program.
Every Centauri representative goes through an extensive training program that covers comprehensive healthcare coverage opportunities, hospital processes and Medicaid topics.

Do you work onsite or strictly through a call center?
We provide on-site bedside assistance to patients including extended hours in the emergency department as self-pay volumes.
We leverage the abilities of a Call Center to improve results and by reaching out to as many patients as possible.

Have you worked with EPIC?  What other HIS systems have you had experience?
We have extensive experience with EPIC and have certified trainers.  We have also worked with many other systems such as Cerner, Meditech, MS4, etc.

Do you document your work activities in our HIS system, or do you upload into ours?
Yes, we customize each engagement to meet your needs.  Documenting in the hospital system real-time is done for clients that request this type of update as well as daily electronic uploads.

Do you assist patients with other types of third-party coverage opportunities?
Yes, when working with patients we screen for all coverage opportunities including commercial, third party liability and government-based programs including Medicaid.

Do you provide an end-to-end solution?
Yes, we provide assistance throughout the entire process, including, initial screening, application submission, appeals, billing, collections, and payment.  We also work closely with case management to address denials.

Do you provide customized reporting?
Yes, we offer customized reporting.

What is your average completion rate?
We have a 97% completion rate on average for overall applications submitted.

How do you interact with hospital staff (financial counselors)?
We customize our solution to meet the needs of our clients.  Our onsite staff is an extension of your Patient Access/Financial Counseling teams and work closely with Case Management.

What information systems do you use?
We utilize our internal proprietary workflow-based system, which was developed and designed to fully support Medicaid processing and patient financial counseling services.

Do you provide field service?
Yes, we provide Field Services as we believe it not only produces great results, but also helps our clients demonstrate their commitment to their patients, their families, and the community.

How do you calculate your conversion method?
We track 20+ key performance metrics with the ability to report conversion rates according to client definition. While we work with clients to develop key metrics, we also provide some standard reporting based on industry norms as well as recommended