Hospital Eligibility & Enrollment Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you coming into my hospital room?
Your case was referred to our company. With your permission, we  would like to ask you a few simple questions to determine if you may be eligible for health benefits, such as Medicaid.

Why do I have to give you my personal information?
We only ask for what is absolutely necessary to determine your potential eligibility. We’re simply your advocates and specialists, trained to help you with the application process. The federal law known as HIPAA prevents us from using your information for any other purposes. In other words, we protect your confidentiality just like your healthcare provider does.

Why do you include my spouse's income if he or she is not applying?
When you are married and living in the same household, it is the Medicaid policy to list your spouse even if we're not applying for your spouse.

How much is this going to cost me?
Centauri services will not cost you anything; this is a free service to you.

Why does the hospital hire Centauri?
The hospital hires us to assist patients who are uninsured and/or underinsured to assist them in obtaining health coverage through government programs, such as Medicaid, if we see they may be potentially eligible.

Who will pay you for your services?
As a contracted vendor, the hospital pays our company a certain percentage of the payments they receive from Medicaid.