Risk Adjustment Coding Frequently Asked Questions

Why do clients like Centauri’s Risk Adjustment Coding services?
Centauri’s risk adjustment coding services provide the highest quality coding for Medicare, Commercial, and Medicaid lines of business with transparency through our Centauri Advance platform. We partner with our clients to ensure that the coding outcomes are represented appropriately and by the defined deadlines. We function more like a client’s extended team rather than a third-party vendor and it makes what might be a stressful situation a lot less stressful.

What makes you different from all the other risk adjustment coding vendors?
Transparency-  Our best practices for correct coding are shared with all clients and we work in partnership to represent the most accurate coding information.  Our platform provides real time visibility into medical records and all of the coded data outcomes.

Partnership- We do not want to be your vendor; we want to be your partner in quality coding and risk mitigation.  Our client partners help us improve both our processes and our platform.

Coding Specialties - Our team of highly experienced certified coders are able to code for any risk adjustment line of business from any medical record from any setting.

Accuracy - Our quality modules in Centauri Advance allow us to support exceptional quality review processes.  With multiple levels available, our coders, coding quality specialists, and leaders all receive quality reviews that further facilitate education and real time improvements in coding behaviors.

Training - Our rigorous training process ensures that all associates are prepared for each project.  With a combination of live and pre-recorded trainings and a forum for interactive Q&A we facilitate better outcomes.  This is followed by hands on chart coding in a training environment with real time quality review and feedback.  These processes are further facilitated by weekly team calls and real time questions and responses by our leaders.

Expertise: Our Risk Adjustment coding team has extensive expertise and years of experience supporting provider, health plans, and regulatory bodies.

Are all your Risk Adjustment team members certified?

All risk adjustment coding team members are certified and hold a minimum of one core credential from AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) or the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).  Most of our risk adjustment coders hold multiple credentials. We verify coding credentials annually to ensure they are active and valid.

Do you offer remote and on-site coding services?
Yes, Centauri’s risk adjustment coding team primarily conducts coding work remotely; however, we are able to facilitate on-site coding services if requested by the client.

How quickly can you scale and how many charts has Centauri coded at one time?
Centauri has the capability to scale quickly, especially for off-shore coding projects.  With enough advanced notice, we are able to handle any volume of charts.

Which EHR systems do you work with?
Our risk adjustment coding team is familiar with all EHR medical records for purposes of review and code abstraction.  Our coding platform allows for us to code with an attached chart or while logged directly into an EHR.

How do you ensure accurate and compliant coding?
It starts with training!  Once our risk adjustment team members are through the rigorous training program, the first batch of charts for every new project is reviewed.  Feedback is shared immediately, and re-education is provided as identified.  Coders are assigned a Coding Quality Specialist and continue to have regular QA and education.  Centauri Advance also allows our team to see their production and accuracy scores real time.  We meet as a team on a weekly basis to discuss questions, projects, and overall industry updates.

How do you work with clients to improve documentation?
Centauri Advance offers us the ability to capture chart level and diagnosis code level data to track context around coding and documentation opportunities.  This detail is provided to the client with their coding extracts to facilitate documentation improvement and other CDI initiatives.  We also offer provider education as requested by clients.

Do you provide customized reporting?
Yes, we do. Upon launching a client, project, and/or campaign, we review our standard reporting package along with any customized reports that may be required.