The Ending That Never Ends. . . Medicaid Unwinding Extended

Good news for beneficiaries!

Good news for Health Plans!!


On May 9, 2024,  CMS extended the Medicaid “unwinding” waivers into 2025. This means that the federal regulatory waivers and resulting options are now available until June of 2025. This continues to make available some of the methods states have been using to prevent administrative disenrollments.


Since the largest portion of disenrollments (69% according to CMS) were procedural – the extended waivers provide further opportunity for Medicaid managed care plans to help members with their renewals and obtain retroactive coverage if a member was disenrolled in error.


The disenrollments have affected nearly 22 million Medicaid and CHIP members – so the ability to continue to find and work with these beneficiaries to ensure they receive the benefits for which they may continue to be eligible is a valuable resource for health plans.


Additionally, once found, health plans must build an effective retention plan to ensure these beneficiaries are able to maintain their coverage through future recertifications. Effective retention programs recapture lost revenue, while ensuring that members are receiving the care and benefits that they deserve.


Centauri has extensive experience assisting health plans with duals retention. To learn more about our multi-pronged approach (Prevention, Recovery, Retention), you can view our recent whitepaper created in collaboration with Fierce Healthcare HERE.  Or, contact us at to discuss your plan’s needs.


Linda Roman
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Account Management
Centauri Health Solutions, Inc


*Source Modern Healthcare – May 10, 2024