Risk Adjustment

The Centauri Advance® suite is a purpose-built software platform, combining robust data integration capabilities with workflow software designed to flex and meet client needs, from the specific to the comprehensive.

Retrospective Offering

Centauri Advance® delivers a comprehensive suite of software and services that allows Centauri or your internal team, to manage and have full and immediate access to your Risk Adjustment campaign. Centauri’s platform provides the ability to perform medical record retrieval, coding, analytics, and submission. With our hosted software solution, our clients receive access to executive dashboards, provider scheduling calendars, issue logs & reporting, member charts and results, and outcome reporting.

Prospective Offering

Centauri provides suspect analytics to recommend health assessments and identify care gaps to support HEDIS and Stars. Our health assessment and intervention recommendation methodology maintains a flexible core set of rules with customizable logic as a wrap around.

The core rules consist of industry standards such as homebound members with persistent and suspected conditions that are generally well suited for an in-home health assessment type of intervention. Because each client is unique, customizable logic is used to adapt criteria derived from insight about the client’s current and future intervention programs. We provide clients with documentation to support HCC coding services of the assessment.


The Centauri Relay® submissions platform is a custom, rules-driven submission engine, built specifically for Medicare Advantage, ensuring your risk adjustment data is submitted successfully and accurately.

The Centauri Relay suite includes the people and processes necessary to ensure accurate submissions, identify fallout or rejections, and manage resubmissions. We understand what is required to successfully execute RAPS and EDPS submissions, and will manage the process to completion.


The Centauri Insights® suite is comprised of a powerful analytics engine leveraging data insight methods to stratify member conditions, risk adjustment and quality gaps – allowing plans to allocate the right intervention resources to the right members at the right time. Centauri Insights can be configured to specific client needs, and combines rules-based targeting with machine-learning algorithms designed specifically for healthcare.

Exceptional analytics combines historical, rules-driven descriptive analytics with predictive modeling for a comprehensive view of your members. At Centauri, we believe in using the entire analytics tool set, with client-specific tuning for a complete analytical solution.